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If you are fighting the Social Security Administration for your well deserved disability benefits, hire Attorney Matty M. Sandoval to represent you.


Why hire Attorney Sandoval:

  • Experience- Mr. Sandoval has represented over 7,500 Social Security Disability claimants over the past 27 years.
  • Personal representation- Mr. Sandoval will personally represent you at your hearing.  He is not one of those mass advertising firms that send a rookie lawyer you've never met with you to court.
  • Reputation- Mr Sandoval is highly respected by the the Judges, Doctors, Court personal, competitors, and most importantly, thousands of happy former clients.
  •  Education- Mr. Sandoval graduated from the University of San Diego School Law in 1987.  USD is without question the best law school in San Diego, and one of the best law schools in the country.
  • Tenacity- Mr. Sandoval is described as a tiger, a bulldog, and a brawler by former clients who happily refer their friends and family to him for representation. One of the key elements to his success is that the disability judges know he routinely sues the United States government in federal court if his client does not get justice at their hearing. 
  • StaffMr. Sandoval's staff is nearly as experienced as he is.  His assistant, Sorayna Reyes, has been with him for over 25 years.  She is familiar with the law and procedures, the SSA offices around Southern California, the SSA court (ODAR).   Mr. Sandoval's staff is also bilingual.

Mr. Sandoval offers a free consultation and only charges a fee if benefits are awarded.  It is very simple, you owe no fee if you do not win your case.  Mr. Sandoval will fight for you to win what you deserve.  He has helped thousands of people just like you, and he can help you!





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Matty Michael Sandoval was born and raised in San Pedro, California.  He grew up second oldest out of five children in a home with great family values. It was stressed upon him and his siblings to treat every person you come in contact with with respect.  This meant a great deal to him and he carries these family values with him today.  He believes everyone deserves a chance to better their life.

He came to San Diego to attend college and has been a local here since 1978.  He gradated with honors from the University of San Diego in 1983. He also studied law in Salzburg, Austria and Florence, Italy earning a Juris Doctorate from University of San Diego in 1987.

Mr Sandoval has represented over 7,500 disability claimants in hearings before Social Security Judges arguing disability cases before the United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit (one step below the United States Supreme Court).  

Mr Sandoval's practice consist of himself and his capable staff who will personally attend to your case to help you get the best possible outcome.

Social Security Disability Income (SSDI)


Social Security Disability Income is a service that provides monthly cash disability payments. Everyone works pays FICA (Federal Insurance Contribution Act) taxes, and if you have paid enough of these taxes in your past jobs, you are considered "insured" and therefore can be eligible for SSDI if you have a qualifying disability. Proving you are disabled is Attorney Sandoval's legal specialty.

Social Security Income (SSI)


Social Security Income (SSI) unlike SSDI, is a need-based program. SSI is designed to pay benefits to disabled people who need help with living costs, even if they haven't worked, or paid taxes into the social security system. Again, proving you are disabled is where Attorney Sandoval comes in.

What is important in picking a lawyer to represent you in your claim?

Experience with the SSA system and the judge handling your claim

Individual attention. Do you know the lawyer who is handling your claim? Many firms send in a younger lawyer assigned to your claim a week or two prior to the hearing.

Doggedness. Ask your lawyer if they are willing to sue SSA in Federal Court. Ask if they've ever done so in the past. Not the firm, but the lawyer who represents you at the hearing.


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How The Social Security System Handles a Disability Claim?


A claimant files a claim for Disability Insurance Benefits, or Supplemental Security Income (SSI) disability benefits either at a local Social Security office, online (, or by telephone (800 772-1213). The file is then forwarded to the state Disability Evaluation Division to gather medical evidence. This evidence is reviewed by a staff doctor who is budgeted only a few minutes to determine whether a claimant is disabled or not. The vast majority of claims are denied.


 If the Claimant appeals (many Claimants mistakenly give up after the initial denial), the claim is again sent to the the state DED, and a different doctor (a colleague of the first reviewing doctor) almost always agrees with the first doctor's assessment, rubber stamping the initial denial. Unfortunately, far too many Claimants give up at this stage as well. For those that don't, they file a Request for Hearing with an Administrative Law Judge. 


This is the first time a Claimant receives a full and fair analysis of their claim. The Claimant is given the opportunity to submit evidence (critical), and the opportunity to testify on their behalf. A Claimant's testimony is much less important than people think. If the Judge ruled on what people said about their ability to work, every claim would get approved. Many people also bring a witness, generally a family member or friend, to testify on their behalf. This is of least value. The judges know this person is not objective, and treat their testimony accordingly. 


If the Judge denies the claim, there is a final administrative appeal to the Appeals Council in Falls Church, Virginia. 

Federal Court

If the Appeals Council denies the claim, a Claimant can sue the Social Security Administration in the United States District Court. Me. Sandoval has done so on behalf of his clients over 500 times over the past three decades, often leading to an award of benefits. Many lawyers do not take appeals into Federal Court because it requires too much work. Mr. Sandoval believes it is important to pursue a claim as far as is justified, and that the ALJ's know the few lawyers that do, keeping them more fair minded at the hearing. No Judge likes a higher court telling them they were wrong.


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Troy P. Testimonial  
Thank you for helping me when I felt there was nowhere to turn...You are a good man Matty Sandoval...Your kindness means much more than words can say, I appreciate all that you've done for me, may you be blessed all the days to come. Troy P. "2013"

Gail P.  Testimonial
Social Security Disability claims are often initially denied, even though the person applying may be seriously in a bad way. It is just how this particular bureaucracy operates. The application takes a long time to process, and you need someone aggressive to fight in your corner for you against those paper-pushers at Social Security. Matty Sandoval is the one to go see. A denied claim means it's time to step up your game and it is now a good idea to seek the assistance of an attorney to handle the appeal of denial. I know of someone who has used this law office and had only good things to say about it. She told me Matty was very diligent in her case and raved about his "legal abilities."

The expertise of a knowledgeable disability attorney is priceless. Your medical records are very important when you appeal your claim. The advice of a Social Security Disability Attorney will help especially when reviewing your medical records for the injuries that make you disabled. These lawyers are not sharks like other attorneys and will often not ask for any money up front, but take a portion or percentage of what you are paid when your SSI case is approved.

Are you personally prepared to deal with the large federal bureaucracy that is the Social Security Administration? It is an exhausting and soul-draining experience on a good day. Be confident in your eligibility and preparation for your claim. Pursuing this alone can lead to denial after denial that so many worthy cases receive without expert guidance along the way.  Gail P. "2012"


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     Matty Michael Sandoval nació y creció en San Pedro, California. Creció segundo out mayor de cinco hermanos en una casa con grandes valores de la familia. Se hizo hincapié sobre él y sus hermanos para tratar a cada persona que entra en contacto con con respeto. Esto significaba mucho para él y lleva estos valores de la familia con él hoy. Él cree que todos merecen una oportunidad de mejorar su vida. Llegó a San Diego para asistir a la universidad y ha sido un local aquí desde 1978. Enfatizada con honores de la Universidad de San Diego, en 1983. También estudió derecho en Salzburgo, Austria y Florencia, Italia obtuvo un doctorado en Jurisprudencia de la Universidad de San Diego en 1987. El Sr. Sandoval ha representado más de 5.000 demandantes de discapacidad en las audiencias ante la Seguridad Social jueces argumentando casos de incapacidad ante el Tribunal Federal de Apelaciones del Noveno Circuito (un paso por debajo del Tribunal Supremo de Estados Unidos).

La práctica del Sr. Sandoval consisten en sí mismo y su personal capacitado que tenderá personalmente a su caso para ayudarle a obtener el mejor resultado posible.

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